Registration of Food Products Are Mandatory: BFA

Quetta: Director General of BFA Mohammad Naeem Bazai has said that all manufacturers who manufacture and supply edible products across the province must be registered with the Balochistan Food Authority, the aim of which is to ensure the supply of quality products to the public and complete prevention of counterfeiting.

DG Balochistan Food Authority says that labeling and registration of all food products are mandatory according to the laws.

Shopkeepers must ask for labeling registration from the supplier before purchasing any product. In this regard, he also requested the public to read the preparation and expiration date listed on the label before buying food items, while in case of any complaint in this regard, contact the BFA.

Director General BFA Mohammad Naeem Bazai says that the mission of BFA is to provide safe food and educate people about choosing nutritious food for a better life, for which the organization is taking continuous steps.

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