President appreciation provincial govt. measures of Covid-19

As the Covid-19 is spreading with each of the passing day rather decreasing across Balochistan, despite taking protective measures, abiding by masses of adhering to government policy, by provincial government in implementation of POCs by consultation of scholars and their cooperation to give it practical shape to prevent outbreak of corona virus.

However, President Arif Alvi here the other day arrived to Quetta on two days visits where by  core of his heart appreciated provincial anti-covid-19 measures on comprehensive basis and initiation of Ehsas Kapalat Program in distribution of assistance and aid among the poor family after halting the wheel of economy and its falling.

President says while accompanying  provincial ministers, federal ministers and high official in briefing brief as regards with corona virus by Chief Secretary Fazeel Asghar where president underlined the patients of corona virus is minimum in Balochistan compare to other provinces of Balochistan.

Hence, appreciating measures of government he said federal government will extend every kind of cooperation to provincial government whether financial and man-power to prevent ongoing increasingly increasing virus.

On the other hand, Provincial Home Minister Ziaullah Langov directed to his district administration to allow and permit the citizens after carrying their screening test along with tightening external and internal blockades to prevent the spread of covid-19 to parts of Kalat division and district.

He underscored that neither developed nor under developed countries discovered any medicines or medical treatment to the contagious and deadly corona virus, therefore, masses must take precautionary measures, take care and adhered to government polices to defeat the corona virus.

So, ceasing illegal activities, take care and adherence to governmental polices were the only ways of winning the war of corona virus despite repeatedly and continuously falling of business. Unless we take the measures, it will be too difficult defeat deadly virus alongside ensuring of cooperation by president.

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