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PPP decision has caused harm to PDM struggle: Maryam Aurangzeb


PPP decision has caused harm to PDM struggle: Maryam Aurangzeb

LAHORE, March 27: Taking strong exception to the PPP, Maryam Aurangzeb, PML-N spokesperson has said the decision of one party has caused harm to the PDM struggle.
“PPP decision is negation of PDM and democratic process. At whose behest, Balochistan Awami Party cast vote to Gillani. PML-N people are not children, They understand everything”, she said this while talking to media men here Saturday.

Decision taken by PPP a day before disappointed all

Decision taken by PPP a day before disappointed all, she said adding what happened a day before it was deplorable. One party decision has caused damage to the PDM struggle.
“We are thinking about convening PDM emergency meeting under Maulana Fazlur Rehman. We are taking it to the PDM meeting that happened a day before.

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Powerless government will not be acceptable to PML-N, she remarked.
She went on to say an incompetent group is imposed on the country at present which is plundering the people with both hands. They used to say that when inflation hits then Prime Minister (PM) is a thief. They are looting the people on one hand and on the other hand, they are raising hue and cry of thief, thief.

The rulers are telling lies before the people on the sugar inquiry commission report, she claimed. Those who have been held responsible in the report are still at the helm of affairs.
FIA has said Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen, Usman Buzdar, and Khusro Bakhtiar are sugar thieves. All the evidences are against Nadim Babar, Jahangir Tareen, Khusro Bakhtiar and Usman Buzdar. Where is NAB in atta, sugar, gas, electricity, and BRT scams?

Where are those who had promised to create 10 million jobs, she inquired.
Had there been accountability then Usman Buzdar would have been in jail, she added.

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