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Only 668 cases surfaced only in a couple of weeks: Shahwani

Defying SOPs government might return to stricter lockdown


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QUETTA: Representative of Balochistan Government Liaqat Shahwan said that appointment of Javid Jabar for National Financial Commission is one government privileges and the government will take opposition on board in terms of taking any measures related to coronavirus combating. And, economic problems during the coronavirus circumstances could not be set aside at any condition, therefore, the business downfall and economic downfall closely interdependent. As regards with opening of public transport, Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal will take a bride’s eye view of the situation after that a decision will be taken on.

Because of the crippling economic situation by continuous lockdown affected the businesses of 3 lakh families of the province. And, decreasing in receiving any economic taxes, will surely affect the upcoming year’s financial budget which will be presented in Jun. So, the preparation and arrangements for a budget is continuing with heaps and bounds
The representative of Balochistan Liaqat Shahwani revealed that more than 668 cases of coronavirus have emerged across the province and 59 percent cases of deadly and life-threatening coronavirus have been surfaced within a couple of weeks, he added that if masses did not follow adherence to government policies and not abide by SOPs directed by the provincial government, the government will move towards stricter lockdown. Because of escaping from serious conditions of COVID-19 spread, affecting business and normal way of life, general masses and business communities must abided by SOPs of government.

In speaking to a press conference at Civil Secrerate hereon Sunday said the decision of softening of lockdown was carried in following the hardships of masses, traders, and business communities across the province but a violation of SOPs first came from traders.

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Shahwani underlined they were assured of execution of preemptive measures in connection with coronavirus by the traders’ communities after softening of lockdown bearing the difficulties of them. Unfortunately, as said earlier, traders did not execute the SOPs due to which coronavirus had been spreading with passing day, therefore, 59 cases only had been emerged or surfaced within a couple of weeks is so lamentable.

On the other hand, Public Transport Owners had assured officials of the government that they will execute SOPS after the opening of Public Transport. So, Chief Minister of Balochistan bearing in view the transporter’s interests first and province interest second will take the decision of opening public transports after taking an examination of circumstances.

Approximately 668 cases have emerged during one week and only 59 percent cases of coronavirus surfaced during a couple of weeks which is appalling and inexcusable. Bearing in mind the surfaces of coronavirus cases, traders, after softening of lockdown for them, must execute SOPs of government. If they (traders( did not follow government policies, the government might come towards severer and stricter lockdown controlling situation from the worsening condition.

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