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Assurance of SOPs of shopkeepers


Life-threatening disease COVID-19 expedited expeditiously after softening of a lockdown at the seeking demands and considering the hardship of traders and business communities. The lockdown that was continuously carried for two months was merely for public health and interests to decrease the cases of an international outbreak of the disease within a short span of time. But, with carrying of lockdown for a couple of months miseries of business communities and mundane people had been resulted manifold and increased. Cases of the fatal and deadly virus were controlled to some extent but cases were not ceased in spite of carrying every type of step. Unfortunately, with felling to prey of the virus we even lost the precious lives of doctors combating at the frontline.

However, after softening of lockdown with the strict assurance of execution of SOPs by the traders and business communities to government, violation of SOPs has been observed in many parts of main city, as centers and shopping were re-opened in Liaqat Bazaar and other parts. “The assurance given by trades remained limited to newspapers, underlined by Representative of Shahwani.

The representative of Balochistan Government Liaqat Shahwani underlined that if traders did not strict to their guns of assurance of SOPs after taking of Smart Lockdown bearing in view the hardships of business communities and traders’ demands, the provincial government did have the option of stricter lockdown. So, all the traders must commit their promises of abiding by SOPs of government and extending cooperation to the provincial government at this critical time.

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In a statement issued by Representative of Balochistan, Liaqat Shahwani underscored that deadly coronavirus cases have been increased by leaps and bounds after carrying of smart lockdown by reaching cases of coronavirus to 668 within a couple of weeks with lamentableness from government. The percent of coronavirus also reached 59 within two weeks.

So, all the traders, at the approaching of Eidul Fitr, must adopt the SOPs of the provincial government which took a smart lockdown considering the hardship of businessmen and traders across the province. All the precautionary measures have to be adopted by them to curtail the spread of coronavirus to the maximum degree at the approaching of this vital and chief occasion. Otherwise, stricter lockdown, as an option, might be used by provincial government in the interest of public health in prevention of deadly COVID-19 cases, will raze to the ground entire business activities with crippling of the economy.

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