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22 corer Pakhtunkhwa land masses respected to PakMAP: Usman Kakar

Distribution of certificate of loyalty and disloyalty of Punjab unacceptable


By Our Staff Reporter

QUETTA: Provincial President of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Balochistan and Senator Usman Khan Kakar rejected the issuance of traitor certification from a dominated colonial community of Punjab among people. Instead of respecting the colonial of Punjab, 22 corer masses of Pakhtunkhwa land were so respected to them, he added that Arif Wazir was the important provincial member of FATA from PakMAP but he was targeted by the state. The state did distribute the certificate of loyalty and disloyalty which is opposed to them.

Opposition got a thumping majority in ex provincial government but state institutions imposed defeated unelected members over the state is violating the constitution of the state. There did not exist any rule of law and constitution. So far, no work has been carried in accordance with the constitution which is supreme. However, unannounced martial have been continuing, he uttered.

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He was of the view that because of undemocratic rulers, skyrocketing and unemployment reached its peak but Pakistan was one of the democratic nations and it needed the ruling of democratically elected members of the country. And, unelected and undemocratic members totally unable to rule the state.
These views were stated by Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party to a private T.V channel said that Pakistan had become in the name of the federation as well as it came into existence in the name of equality of rights to all nations. But, the fundamental rights of every nation has been violated or snatched. Unfortunately, despite the passing of 73 years, black law of British still survive. Unless any nation is given equality, empowerment on its resources, and elected to provincial and national assembly democratically, Pakistan will never get development.

From the day of earlier, it was the seeking demand of Pakhtunwkhw Milli Awami Party that there must be the formulation of Jirga or elected council for FATA but FATA was conditionally merged despite public anger and opposition. Federally Administered Tribal Area did have 1.5 million population but there is still hovering clouds maladministration, violation of rights and no technological development nor there still exist any lawful institution there.

Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Usman Khan Kakar underscored that the Federally Administered Tribal Area had been the base of Harboring terrorists for completely 41 years from where they were dispatch to Afghanistan for massacre and killing of the civilians or scattering of terrorism.
Shaheed Arif was the important member of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party of FATA and his family fought various wars against Imperialist powers then

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