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Traders have to cooperate with the govt. in adhering to SOPs: Shahwani


By Our Staff Reporter

QUETTA: Representative of Balochistan Liaqat Shahwani said hereon Friday traders, after softening of lockdown due to their increasing hardships, had to adhere to elucidated precautionary measures of government in supporting the taken measures of government against COVID-19 so that prevention of coronavirus could be restricted from further scattering. Unless any effective vaccine and treatment are carried, incalculable care must be taken thereof to save from deadly and life-threatening diseases of coronavirus.

A representative of Provincial Government had said that in abiding by the direction of the provincial government in terms of SOPs by traders and congregational mosques will benefit us but most of the shopkeepers were seemed to violate the SOPs of government which carried a softening of lockdown keeping in view the trader’s demands and hardship but as traders saw the softening of lockdown violated SOPs of the provincial government which is very regrettable.

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If traders did not follow the SOPs of government after the softening of lockdown, the complete option of lockdown is present with the government. It is high time the health of masses seemed very important provincial government of Balochistan. And, no compromise over the health of general masses will be carried on, he Representative of Balochistan Government Liaqat Shahwani elucidated.

A representative of Balochistan Government Liaqat Shahwani further said that the provincial government is carrying efforts for the solution of masses problems and masses, bearing in view difficulties of government, must cooperate with the provincial government is merely following the SOPs of the provincial government to prevent the spread of deadly and fatal disease of coronavirus. In terms of becoming daily wagers jobless, the federal government initiated Ehsas Program for deserved people to give them 12,000 rupees per person along with the distribution of ration among deserved people is continuing. He underlined that the government was completely cognizant of the masses’ difficulties. So, comprehensive measures are being taken to give relief to masses at their doors at this critical juncture of coronavirus.

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