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Tourism is a vital sector of Balochistan. This was deserted by the previous government and is regarded as important to each provincial government when comes to power. In improving and giving development to the tourism sector, it remained a hollow slogan for each government. Despite the attachment of strengthening of the provincial economy and its enhancement alongside attracting various tourists by picturesque and ancient places of Balochistan even removed the word of terrorism from the minds of foreigners.

The foreigners always did and do visit Balochistan because of ancient tourist places thereby they also invest by touring different tourist sights which get the possibility of getting robust of the economy.
In presiding over a video link meeting here on Friday by the incumbent chief minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal Alyani said that tourism development was explicitly and clearly necessary for provincial development. As well as, the Chief Minister of Balochistan stressed the importance of unique places, geography, location, longer coastline, desert, ancient civilization, and due to the respective culture of Balochistan carry everlasting importance for the development tourism. So, there were needs to take credible and believable planning and complete measure. However, the acquisition of services of the private sector for enhancing tourism and its participation was also directed.

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And, execution of GRS system of Tourism and bringing of ancient antiques kept at British and Itlay Museum for keeping at Quetta Museum was the valuable directions directed by Chief Minister of Balochistan as a step of developing tourism of province to attract the attention of foreigners and nationals to remove the misconception of terrorism from foreigners and nationals minds forever. The construction of different roads to access to ancient places is also a vital step decided to take by CM at the meeting. If the current provincial government develops tourism sectors, it will be their (governments) biggest achievement.

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