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Land Jetties and Kaje forming beneficiation to economy


Fisher Department is the important sector of Balochistan which did contribute to ensuring the strengthening of the provincial economy of Balochistan. In getting better provincial economy of Balochistan, the role of the Fishery Department in revenues and income of Balochistan could not be set aside. Hence, economic activities and employment opportunities can also be promoted, after establishing jetties and kaje forming, over there.
On the other hand, Balochistan, for fishing and land jetties forming, has longer coastal lines and seas as well as a suitable atmosphere. Through this sea and longer coastal line, major income can be earned to add an addition to the revenues of Balochistan for making the provincial economy more robust.

As regards with raising up awareness and attracting the attention of government towards giving facilities to Kaje forming and Land forming establishment as the creation of economic activation and employment opportunities and direction to Revenue Department and Private sector of acquisition of Land, chief Minister of Balochistan stressed upon Department of Fisher and Coastline to provide facilities to fishers of Kaje and Land Jetties formings to not only facilitate fishers but addition can also be added to provincial revenue.

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At the meeting attended by various high officials and respective dignitaries through video link meetings were recalled up beneficial of land forming and suitable longer coastal and atmosphere of Balochistan for fishing might prove attractive to tourism and employment opportunities. And, undoubtedly, by improving fishing and land jetties forming tourists’ attraction can be drawn.

Above mentioned, the Private Sector and Department of Revenue were also directed to complete the acquisition of land for establishing of Forming of Land jetties and Kaje’s Forming as soon as it could be possible to facilitate the fishers to contribute the provincial economy of Balochistan. And, through this economic activity and employment opportunities will also be created there. The importance of Kaje and Land Jetties Forming across the longer coastline of Balochistan, beneficial to form, cannot be overlooked.

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