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Rule of Balochistan masses revealing nefarious designs of India, Lango - Asia today
Asia today Quetta

Rule of Balochistan masses revealing nefarious designs of India, Lango

Proud people of Balochistan stand shoulder to shoulder against India


By Our Staff Reporter

QUETTA: Provincial Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langov elucidated the cooperation of Balochistan’s proud masses standing shoulder to shoulder at any critical juncture or in face of any foreign aggression and Balochistan masses failed the nefarious agenda of RRS. And, it has been recognized or accepted by Indian Major that India directly leads terrorists and nefarious activities inside Balochistan to add fuel to terrorism and getting rupture in Balochistan societies.

These views were stated or uttered by Mir Ziaullah Langov in talking to a private T.V channel here on Tuesday Balochistan masses who are so patriotic preyed to failure the RRS agenda of boosting up terrorism across Balochistan had been failed by themselves. Therefore, Indian Major himself accepted and recognized the interference inside Balochistan.

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So, India itself had accepted the intervention of India in terrorism affairs of Balochistan directly but Balochistan masses standing together against the nefarious designs of India instead of stretching legs of one another. Hence, masses of Balochistan must carry work together for social, economic, education, and industrial development of Balochistan.

As well as, bad deeds of terrorism and involvement of terrorism were put by masses of Balochistan in front of the world leaders after experience the suffering of the curse of terrorism by Balochistan for over two decades.
On the other hand, Modhi, prime minister of India, penetrated miseries to people of Kashmir, violated fundamental rights of Kashmiris, and killed hundreds of Kashmiris without any reason who were demanding and seeking their natural and constitutional rights.

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