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Approval of 58 vacant posts of Naib tehsildars, provision of electricity to REI


Balochistan is one of the underdeveloped provinces. The educational system of Balochistan is so weak compared to other segments of Pakistan due to which most of the laying vacant posts were filled on nepotism basis due to which the rights of righteous completely violated. But, vacant posts, decided by the provincial cabinet of Balochistan instead of department recruitment, assigned to Balochistan Public Service Commission which is an independent body of recruitments carrying recruitment on merit and fair basis to take the decision on merit basis.

In Presiding over provincial cabinet meeting here on Tuesday by Chief Minister of Balochistan where he approved the filling of laying 58 vacant posts of Naib Tehsildars through Balochistan Public Service Commission which is a sovereign recruitment body of the province. It almost carries every recruitment test of the province on merit and unfavoured basis to give the righteous their due rights. So, hereon Tuesday, filling of laying 58 vacant posts of Naib tehsildar was assigned to Balochistan Public Service Commission PBSC that is an almost independent body.

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Allocating the recruitments of 58 tehsildars post to BPSC from the side of provincial, after giving approval by provincial cabinet, the government is a decision towards the right direction to recruit the right and abler candidates on ability basis instead nepotism basis.

At this provincial cabinet meeting amidst COVID-19, chief minister of Balochistan also approved the provision of electricity to Rural Education Institutes (REI) and rural medical health centers of areas to equip them with fundamental facilities in accordance with Project of Brightest Balochistan through Solar System exceptional to the affiliation of these areas with National Grad Station or affiliation to National Grad Station.
Taking this decision at provincial cabinet by Chief Minister of Balochistan i.e filling of laying 58 vacant posts of Naib Tehsildars through Independent Recruitment Body of Balochistan Public Service Commissioner (BPSC) following the meritocracy to give abler candidates its due rights instead of distributing the post on nepotism basis and provision of electricity to rural educational institutes and Rural Medical health Centers of different areas of Balochistan whether attached to any National Grad Station or not through Solar Energy in accordance with Brightest Balochistan Project can be termed important decision amid contagious and transmittable disease of COVID-19. And, further expectations are expected from the Chief Minister of Balochistan to social, economic, and educational welfare of general citizens of the province.

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