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Traders need to ensure smart lockdown: Khoso



QUETTA: Provincial Minister on Revenue Saleem Ahmed Khoso sought the complete execution from the traders as regards rules and regulation of Smart Lockdown and the decision of softening of lockdown was carried or taken in connection with being faced difficulties of traders for earning at this important occasion of Eidul Filter after falling of local businesses and economy.

Provincial Minister of Revenue Saleem Khoso stressed over the extending of cooperation of masses towards government at this critical juncture and it might prove successful in out and out eradiation of coronavirus, he added that shopping, business, and traders communities must execute the SOPS of Smart Lockdown. If they did not implement the SOPs, it could be brought the situation towards another strict lockdown in which even none could be able to take out from their homes.

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These views were stated by him in is his issued statement carrying a couple of months lockdown in Balochistan was necessary from the side of sitting and provincial government, saying that as the cases are emerging of deadly COVID-19 cases, it might create the situation dangerously.

In the face of emerging cases of coronavirus, it was difficult to take the decision of smart lockdown. But, Chief Minister of Balochistan, despite the critical situation, carried the decision of smart lockdown bearing in view difficulties of traders at this vital occasion amidst the holy month of Ramazan in face of Eidul Fitr. So, the government of Balochistan ensures the implementation of SOPS in terms of carrying smart lockdown in which four-person, at one time, could not stand at small shops. And, wearing and using face masks were declared necessary for consumers and shopkeepers. And, implementation of the terms of SOPs was clearly and overtly the responsibility of traders for whose sake smart lockdown was carried.

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