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Accomplishing of early construction works


Whit accomplishing roads and parks construction within 3 years, 80 to 90 percent of the traditional beauty of Quetta would be completed. The execution of roads and reviewing underway construction will lead to the improvement of the masses’ life. As the entire life of masses closely connected and depended upon at the modern and standard development of Quetta which went to ruin because of frequently neglecting by nominated leaders in filling their own bank’s accounts.

In face of coronavirus upheaval, chief minister Balochistan presided over the upcoming financial year PSDP meeting of 2019-20 in reviewing the collective circumstances of Balochistan and implementation of Quetta Development Package where he was accompanied by the Provincial Minister Zmarak Khan Achakzai, Mir Asad Baloch, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, Members of Provincial Assemblies Asghar Khan Achakzai, Dr. Rebab Buledi, Chief Secretary Fazeal Asghar, Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development, Additional Home Secretary Finance, secretary finance, secretary local government, secretary Industry, secretary Sports and Commissioner Quetta division. The feature of PSDP of 2020-21 was also brought under discussion at the meeting.

Unless their standardized development prevails, way of life of general and ordinary masses can never estimate to be improved. And, accomplishing the construction of Joint Road Phase 2, Sariab Road, Sirki Road will automatically create easy easiness for the masses and the social and standard life of ordinary people will also, to large extent, improve.

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On the other hand, stressing of early construction and completion of the sports complex that in providing sports facilities to masses that had seemed at confiscation at homes because of having no grounds to play in will take large benefits sports complex construction. As well as, the construction of 7 parks in providing recreation opportunities to masses as a whole will add up to the recreational and entertainment opportunities to people passing free time.

Furthermore, CM also directed the Department of Financial and Development Departments of launching economic Progressive cooperation and opportunities to facilitate poverty-stricken masses in face of experiencing coronavirus that leaves bad impacts on the economy could not be brushed aside.

Stressing of early completion of Saria Road, Sikri Road, Joint Road Phase 2 as well as timely completion of sports and parks by the chief minister of Balochistan will ease off the hardship of masses. The former will provide masses of standard social life and the latter will provide masses with different kinds of sports and recreational opportunities of breaking their boredom therein. And, the inclusion of Economic Progress Cooperation is one of the admiring steps of CM facilitating masses financially in the offing affected their business by a coronavirus.

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