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Silence observance of 1st May


Today 1st May was observed today across Balochistan and throughout Pakistan as every year. But, no rallies in proportionate to 1st May was taken out across Balochistan in face of International outbreak and pandemic of coronavirus due to restrictions of government-imposed for every walk of life to freeze the s spread of an outbreak of the novel virus.

However, it must be as clear as crystal that 1st May is observed because of incalculable and valuable sacrifices of Labours’ in 1886 in Chicago for achieving their rights from government and increasing in their daily wages. Unfortunately, till to date labours communities facing hardship and demanding their due and necessary rights.

Provincial Minister on Wasa Noor Muhammad Dumar also underlined that the invaluable services of the labours could not be neglected any cost as their role is necessary for the development of industries and progress. He said the nation cannot move forward unless its labours play its development role in the development of the nation.

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Hence, the sacrifices made by the labour at the time of Chicago in 1886 for their rights from the government were to be written with golden words as well as it earned historical and far and wide mark across the world. Therefore, role labour necessary in the development and prosperous nation by earnest honesty.

On the other hand, the provincial government is taking every possible and feasible measure to give relief and facilities to the labour and ensure their protection. But, labour continuously rejected the provincial assurance of labour protection and relief to them.

Hence, the government must ensure its protection, relief and promises to labours along with ensuring their social security registration. But, labours were also needed to play their prosperous role for the prosperity of the province and country. As industrial development seems incomplete due to labours’ role.

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