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The emergence of 71 new cases of corona


Following the emergence of new 71 cases of the novel corona, the death tally of the deadly virus since its outbreaks reached 770 across Balochistan which is so alarming and dangerous. And, the affected patients of the novel corona reached 1049 following a fresh report of health institutions. The Health Department also claimed these cases were almost locally transmitted because of a lack of awareness at the district level.
According to the Health Department, deadly coronavirus is adding up to new cases with each passing day and gaining grounds due to lack of preemptive measures adoption despite the imposition of any kind strict lockdown from the government.
The report further exposed that more than 770 persons had been affected of novel coronavirus at the local level in which 14 cases reported from District Quetta, 14 from the district of Mastung, 2 from the district of Noshki, 6 cases of district Loralai, 9 cases from district Qillabadullah, 43 cases from district Pishin, 8 cases from district Sibi, 21 cases from district Jaffarad, one case from Harnai and Khuzdar and 5 cases from district Ziarat. These above cases had been locally transmitted just because of a lack of awareness as regards coronavirus after justification by the health department’s report. As well as, no concept of taking precautionary measures is thereof in adhering to government instructions at the local level is prevailing.
As well as, 32 doctors, five persons of paramedics and employees of chief minister secretariat and ex provincial ministered suffered from the coronavirus. Coronavirus not only took the lives of general masses but also attacked on government officials, paramedic staff, doctors, a provincial minister, and employees of the chief minister just because neglecting the adoption of precautionary measures therein.
By force and negligence, we cannot suppress coronavirus and it might be defeated by adopting precautionary measures in order to save others from the transmission. And, people living in far and off areas or rural areas must be given awareness as regards with deadly coronavirus for its prevention to follow. Otherwise, the cases will reach its zenith and peak with having no option and measure of controlling.

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