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Quddus, Masses compete corona virus war with cool bloodedness

Holy month might become get free from virus


By Our Staff Reporter

QUETTA: Speaker Balochistan Mir Abdul Qaddus Bizenjo said that it worthy to mention that general masses of Balochistan were facing the difficulties and hardships of Coronavirus with bravery as they competed for hardships in the past, he intended the Holy month of Ramazan might become a source of getting rid of coronavirus.  Speaker Abdul Quddus Bizenjo directed to masses that they might take patience in face of Ramazan as well as void any irrelevant and unnecessary activities to take care of.

Speaker Balochistan Assembly Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo said that adopting take care would be the only source of saving precious and costly lives from Covid-19 after its gaining ground and the federal government took an appreciable and inclusive step in tackling with corona war at the provincial level with assisting masses through Ehsas Program as a historical step.

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He uttered these views in his published statement herein strictly general masses that they must take precautionary measure and they had to avoid illegal activities, hence, care was the only way of saving precious and costly lives. So, masses of Balochistan would get rid of contagious and deadly coronavirus.

Abdul Quddus Bizenjo reiterated his views that historical strides carried by the federal government in terms of halting and preventing coronavirus and rendering aid to people explicitly and really appreciable. So, the nation had to understand the heinous crisis coronavirus. All welfare activities that were initiated in the face of novel coronavirus were for the welfare of masses and their assistance to get rid of difficulties.

He says that masses were needed, at this critical juncture, to cooperate with masses in adhering to the SOPS imposed from the side of government and Holy month of Ramazan might prove successful of getting rid of coronavirus.

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