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Zahoor appreciates

China’s solar panel and ration to Gwadar masses


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GWADAR: Provincial Minister on Treasury Mir Zahoor Ahmed Buledi appreciated the gift of ration and solar panel from Democratic Government of China and regarded as step towards the betterment. A deadly corona virus created havoc among the developing and developed countries of the would alongside in Pakistan. Very cause of spreading of corona virus termed as not maintaining any social distancing.

Provincial Minister of Finance Mir Zahoor Buledi urged upon the masses to pray their prayers and Travee at home due to corona virus during the Holy Month of Ramazan. Staying at homes was the only way to escape and save from the existing spreading virus.

These views were articulated by the him as he addressing the ceremony of distribution of Solar Penal and ration assisted and sponsored by the Democratic Government of China, he added that there would not frontier or border of Pak China friendship and those two nations were considered considerably as Iron brother as well. China Pakistan Friendship was undoubtedly timeless.

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Langov had further stated that Pakistani nation explicitly proud of at the good and stable relation of China and the nation clearly believe the friendship would last long, stable and strengthened, he says that China Pakistan Economic Project is one of the multifaceted projects that would leave last lasting positive impacts on Pakistan’s cripple economy.

The strong relation of Pak-China had always been steadfast in every challenging period. The friendship is deeper than sea , sweater than honey and higher than mountains of Himalyas and K-2.

To ceremony was spoken by the Member of National Assembly Gwadar Lasbela Aslam Bothani, GOC 44 division, Major General Amir Najum, Commander West Pakistan Navy  Reiradmiral Raja Rab Nawaz, Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Naseer Khan Shahwani and China Overseas Prot Holding Company Bawrang.

The ration and solar panel that were distributed among the poor communities of Gwadar from China was admiring step and admirable. Sending a gift of solar panel and ration to deprived communities of Gwadar in face of Ramazan and existing corona virus proved herself as the true friend of Pakistan.

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