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Extension of third lockdown in face novel corona


In view of the repeatedly continual of lockdowns in terms of winning the war corona virus was extended to date of May 5 of by issuing the notification by Home Department and Tribal Affairs of Balochistan Government following up the continuously incrementing of pandemic of corona virus to fight up and winning the war against novel corona to save precious lives of the masses.

Because of increasingly growing up cases of infected patients transmitted locally to 495 and couple of others infected in Sibi to have been affiliated with Tableeghi Jamaat thereby provincial death tally of virus reached to 6 moving on towards alarming stage bearing in mind the meager population of province.

Bearing in view the negative consequences of novel corona virus, it gains hold across the province in face of fast approaching of Holy Month of Ramazan in creation of serious hurdles in taking out from homes and fulfilling other requirements of Ramazan like offering Taravee and prayers at mosque by congregation. So, scholars also issued directions of containing their worshiping till homes to contribute in containing of corona virus.

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On the other hand, government decided that vegetable, milk and pharmaceutical shops would be opened to meet the daily needs and necessities of masses. And, other shops through which virus might spread like hotels and barbers would remained closed.

Provincial government strictly aware the general masses that they must not wander unreasonably in street, sitting without any purpose and riding bikes and cycles had been strictly confided to stay at homes.

So, masses in terms of repeatedly and continuously increasing the lockdown in term of novel corona virus, general masses must exercise social distancing an extra hobby to defeat the corona virus to save more and more lives. The provincial government has to provide necessary kits and medicines to corona virus staff in order that the novel of corona could be coped with short span of time perfectly.

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