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BFA directs of shopkeepers to evade substandard meats



QUETTA:Balochistan Food Authority imposed charges on the eight meat shops (selling substandard meats,) a shope of Spice Store by mixturing  and their hazardous vending of spices to health at the area of Sariab Road. The Balochistan Food Authority took a proceeding against vendors vending substandard meats in unclean and inappropriate atmosphere, hoarding of meats and sellers selling spicy spice dangerous to healthy and salubrious health contrary to the health principles after coming the postive test fo these all at the laboratory were termed unsatisfactory. And, the action was taken on the basis.

Similarly, the team of Balochistan Food Authority and his official also took inspection of other spice stores and meats shops centers on the Sariab Road. During inspection and closing of other spice stores ( in selling hazardous spice to health) and vending of the substandard meats in inappropriate and contaminated atmosphere, the test of different meats and spices were departure to laboratory for further testing.

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However, Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) seriously and gravely directed to the workers meat and spice stores to focus on their personal characteristic and strict and stringently directed to all of them collectively to take care of the cleanliness as necessary task of the side of government. All of the shopkeepers whether of spice stores or meat shops were aware of taking care of BFA standard and principles in selling spice food and meat to former of avoiding selling spicy spice and to later of evading substandard meats in contaminated and inappropriate atmosphere.

While, all of the centers owners and shopkeepers were issued reformation notices and special direction to vend clean meat and un-spicy spice in taking care of masses health. At the same time, selling of stale fish to masses was taken in custody thereby the shopkeeper were directed to seal fresh fish instead of stale fish.

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