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Chinese appreciate Pakistan for support against coronavirous

Pakistan is facing multiple challenges in 2020


BEIJING: Chinese people highly appreciate Pakistan’s understanding and support to China during the period of fighting against NCP coronavirus.
Gwadar Pro App, Chinese said on Tuesday that Pakistan has helped a lot during China’s recent fight against the coronavirus. It overcame difficulties and donated hundreds of thousands of face masks and other protective supplies to China.

The Global Times says, Pakistan is facing multiple challenges in 2020. In addition to the global spread of the coronavirus, Pakistan is experiencing its worst locust plague in 27 years. The locust disaster will destroy crops and may threaten Pakistan’s food security.

This being the case, China has the responsibility to help Pakistan weather the storm as this is in line with China’s image as a major power. The newspaper maintained that the virus is spreading globally, and Pakistan is also facing the impact.
The coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan’s neighboring country Iran is worsening, and Pakistan has closed its borders with Iran.
China, as an all-weather strategic cooperative partner and a close friend of Pakistan, is willing to help the country get through the challenge. Such friendship cannot be broken by Western badmouthing, the newspaper appearing from Beijing has reported.

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In terms of the coronavirus, China can share its experience and lessons with Pakistan, exchange information with the country in a timely manner and provide testing kits.
The Global Times has said that “as for the Pakistanis still in China, we have the obligation to pay close attention to their physical condition and be ready to help them.
We should also share our experience in controlling locust plagues with Pakistan. According to reports, China has already sent a specialized team to help.”

China-Pakistan relations are of great significance and are reciprocal. The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has developed rapidly, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPAC), a flagship project of BRI, is essential to Pakistan.
The BRI has brought positive changes to the Pakistani people’s livelihood and has improved the country’s connectivity, deepening Pakistan’s ties with Southeast Asian and Central Asian countries.
In the complicated international situation, the interests of China and Pakistan are consistent.

However, some Western media are trying to take advantage of the epidemic and drive a wedge between China and Pakistan. The National Interest published an article on Saturday titled “How China is Humiliating Pakistan,” in which it said, “China cares little for the Pakistanis” who remain within China. But this is distorting the truth.

The truth is Pakistan has announced that it will not evacuate its citizens from China. China has better medical facilities, and it is capable of treating patients.
By February 12, four Pakistani students who were infected with the virus in China have fully recovered. Where is the evidence that China “cares little for the Pakistanis?” China and Pakistan share a mutual understanding, and people of the two countries will jointly overcome the coronavirus epidemic.
Some Western public opinion should stop provoking alienation between the two countries, the newspaper added.

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