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CM presides over the provincial cabinet meeting,approves BAEF decision takes in cabinets meeting to give better consquences


QUETTA:(ASIA TODAY) Chief Minister of Balochistan hereon Monday presided over the provincial cabinet meeting wherein he gave the approval of Balochistan Awami Endowment Fund through which patients to be cooperated or coordinated after their operationS whether pateint of cancer, Heart Transplatation and Liver Transplantation, provision of medicines to them, restoraitoin of disable persons.
However, ensuring of construction 20 dams in accordance with 100 dams construction project Package Bridge Brige Financing as well as approved the bridge financing for Basol Dam and Mara Project. The provincial cabinet that was presided by the chief minister gave the approval of transferring the assets of Copper and Gold Project to other departments and districts.
The draft of Sub-lease dead was also assured at the provincial cabinet meeting for creation of production of electricity from Solar Energy cooperating with Private Sector Iner-Take Holding Private Limited. The provincial cabinet also approved changing in terms of Chief Iniiative Program for School Infrastructure Development in Education sector according to which 296 middle schools,at tehsil level to be upgraded to Model High School and giving status of 66 high school, at district level, model high schools.As well as, additional funds were also approved for construction of Zhob Mir Ali Khail Road wherein the matter of regularizing the non-permanent employees of BDA was also reviewed.
Chief Ministe on the eve taking review of the matter of BDA directed to the Chairman of BDA of summing the meeting of Balochistan Development Authority and instructed of taking decision in accordance with Mandate of Board.
To meeting to which addressed by the Chief Minister of Balochistan said that minerals of Balchositan had to be organized. if they succeeded in it, it will add in financial potenial possibilities. As well as, funds would be available for development projects,adding that positive consequneces would emerge of in executing the matters at the cabinet.

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